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The First Paraguayan Stevia Home Page with extensive information on Stevia or "Kaá Heé"

"Ñane Retã ha Ñande Poha Ñana Rayhupápe Marandu Maymáva Tapicha Tesãi Temime'êrã"
Far from my beloved native land and in the name of the Great Guaran Spirit, I would like to express my gratitude and reverence for inspiring my perennial quest to understand and implement my dreams and hopes of the shamanic and indigenous heritage of the peoples of Paraguay. It is with deep love and respect for the few remaining virgin forests and its ancient traditional medicinal knowledge, that we (Guarani Botanicals & Sociedad de Estudios Rurales y Cultura Popular) are proudly embracing the mission of protecting and promoting a more rational utilization of the rich Paraguayan botanical-medicinal heritage to ultimately benefit its people and humankind. Our faith, experience, hardwork, and perseverance towards the attainment of our common goals of providing a better chance to economic growth for the less privileged rural communities of Paraguay, constitute the foundation to develop and establish a sucessful 'Ethnobotanical Reciprocity and Sustainable Rural Development' programs throughout the country, with the ultimate objective of improving the living standard of the peoples of Paraguay.

Guarani Botanicals, Inc.

Source of "The sweet herb of Paraguay" & Other Traditional Botanicals

Stevia Wholesalers and Distributors
We are please to offer Fresh Organically Grown Paraguayan Stevia (sun dried Whole Leaves and Ground) on a first come first serviced basis.
Please contact us for quotation, direct from our Stevia growers in Paraguay
Call us Toll Free: 1-877-475-8150

Sales & Information:

16 Rossi Ave.

Pawcatuck, CT 06379-1327 (USA)

Email: guarani@uconect.net - Fax: (860)599-5886

Research & Product Development Headquarters:

3964 Cranbrook Circle
Lilburn, GA 30247-2694 (USA)

Tel:(770)925-7327 - Fax:(770)925-8204 - Email: nyla@bellsouth.net

ORDER Toll Free: 1(877) 475-8150

Guarani Botanicals, Inc. - Background

Guarani Botanicals, Inc.

SmarTess TM FOS-Stevia Powder & SmarTess TM FOS-Stevia Syrup
New products;
Stevia Extract Powder 1 oz.
Stevia Extract Liquid 2 oz.
and Stevia Aloe Mouthwash 32 oz.
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Guarani Botanicals's Stevia Based Products & Catalog/Order Form

For more public information on Stevia, its 'FDA' Status in the USA, related useful historic ethnobotanical usage by the indigenous peoples of Paraguay, current scientific evidence on its medicinal value and its many food applications, please click HERE


Though the Stevia plant is still rather unkown to most Americans, its popularity as a source of Alternative (healthier) Natural Non-Caloric Sweetener is rapidly expanding worldwide.

As the stevia plant can grow relatively well and adapt in a wide variety of soil and climate, the need for a comprehensive and specific information concerning the agronomic practices for its cultivation and processing are of critical value to grow a healthy stevia plant.

This information is now available in our UPDATED 30 pages "How To Grow Stevia" booklet. In this booklet you will find a complete and valuable data about what you should know to successfully cultivate stevia for yourself and enjoy the multiple health benenefits of this natural wonder.

Curent updated version of the booklet inlcudes some color pictures of the plants and its cultivation process. Following is part of the content of the booklet:

History and Background
Propagation Methods
Additional Information: Toxicology and Culinary applications of Stevia.
Research Studies on Anti-Cavities Effect
Diabetes Studies
Culinary Applications
Cooking & Baking
Stevia Concentrate
Sweetness Equivalents
FDA Attack on Stevia
Dried Stevia Mixed with Dried Leaves of Mate
Sweetening Tea and Coffee
Stevia For Sweetening Other Beverages
Other Excellent Food Qualities/Characteristics/Advantages of Stevia
Why Use Stevia ?
What are People Saying about Stevia ?
Some Traditional Usage and Medicinal Properties of Stevia
What if I have Diabetes or Candidiasis ?
Guarani Botanicals, Inc. Criteria & Contact for Additional information
Color pictures of Stevia and the different phases of its cultivation & harvest.
Over 100 Relevant Clinical & Research Literature References

Should you be interested in purchasing this (30 pages UPDATED VERSION) booklet, please send $15.00 (Fifteen US Dollars - Check or Money Orders Only - Shipping and Handling via regular first Class mail included - US continental territory only - For any foreign orders, please add $10.00 for postage & handling - Should you wish to also order (with the booklet) Original PARAGUAYAN STEVIA SEEDS, please add $10.00 for an envelope of approx. 1000 seeds - Separate order of seeds cost $20.00/envelope) to:

Blas Oddone
16 Rossi Ave.
Pawcatuck, CT 06379-1327

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